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Making technology work for you: 3 ways to optimize your mortgage business

About this webinar

Hear first hand from mortgage brokers and technology leaders on how to make technology work for you. Too often we don’t tweak our processes and integrate technology, due to a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality. 


This can lead to the erosion of what was once an innovative and digital process, and start to slow us down... often without us even realizing it. We've seen the rise of the likes of ChatGPT – it's more apparent than ever to work alongside technology and not in our own silos. 


This webinar will show you incredibly easy (we promise!) ways to integrate your systems to keep up with the times. 


What you'll get

By watching this webinar you’ll understand how to:

  • Improve your client journey by integrating your CRM and mortgage platform so data flows seamlessly
  • Leverage the data that exists in your CRM and mortgage platform to make more informed business decisions
  • Customize your tech to your brokerage or team’s specific workflows and save hours of your time 


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Please note this webinar focuses on the technology platforms BluMortgage and Finmo.

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Featured speakers


Christine Buemann

Owner & Mortgage Broker
The Collective
Mortgage Group

Myles Nowik

Mortgage Planner

Nowik Mortgage
Tom Headshot-BW

Tom Hall



Joe Tomkins

Technical Trainer &
Integration Specialist