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Streamline Your Mortgage Business with CRM

About the Session


Rockstars in the mortgage industry are more than just professionals; they are the masters of their craft who know how to save time, stay focused, and make a real impact on their clients' lives. So, are you ready to unleash your inner rockstar?


Embracing the right technology and tools is the key to your success. No longer will you waste precious hours on mundane administrative tasks. It's time to reclaim your valuable time and devote it to what truly matters: providing exceptional advice and closing deals.


Watch the recording of this 2-hour interactive learning session that will revolutionize the way you do business. We'll delve into the world of cutting-edge systems, including CRM, perhaps unveiling some that you should use.


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Session Leaders


Joe Tomkins

Technical Trainer & Integration Specialist


Frances Hinojosa

Founder & CEO

Tribe Financial

Chris Kolinski

Mortgage Broker,
CRM expert, & BluMortgage user

BVigilant team

Ben Rutledge (COO)
& Rob Mark (CTO)