Lender Spotlight: How Mortgage Brokers Can Bring Their A Game

About this webinar

Learn tips on how you can best leverage Lender Spotlight from the team that knows Spotlight inside and out.

Lender Spotlight is a powerful tool for Canadian mortgage professionals, so how can you get the most out of it? This session will uncover some of Lender Spotlight's best kept secrets, enabling you to walk away with more knowledge and expertise than before.


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Why you should watch

  • Learn more about Lender Spotlight's powerful filters to help you find products for your nuanced deal criteria in seconds
  • Understand how to review and verify lender policies with a guidelines overview
  • Source alternative lenders in the dedicated alternative lending area
  • Showcase value to clients with Lender Spotlight's Compare and Share feature, professionally compiling a product report to send to your clients
  • Learn proven sales techniques and how to win more deals against rate shoppers

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